Transportation by

45’ PWHC containers with capacity of 33 europallets ( 1.2x 0.8m) and

40PWHC containers with capacity of 30 europallets ( 1.2x 0.8m) on the floor,

 an environmental friendly and lower cost solution comparing with road transportation.


SEA45 offers a unique service in the logistic connections between North-Western Europe and Greece/Turkey. By combining the ecological and economical advantage of Shortsea Shipping with the loadingcapacity of a standard trailer (33 europallets or 26 UK pallets on the ground), SEA45 offers best of both worlds. The connected areas in North Western Europe are Benelux, UK, Ireland, Germany and France



Internal Dimensions:

Length: 13.556mm

Width: 2.444 mm

Height: 2.695 mm

Loadingcapacity 89CBM

Payload 25.5 tons

33 euro pallets / 26 UK pallets ground surface