It is our commitment to provide freight forwarding and logistic services that meet the needs, requirements and expectations of our clients, our partners and other interested parties, in the most efficient environmental way and in compliance with the legislation and applicable regulations.

We assure that our services are planned and performed in a standard and controlled way following specific and defined quality and environmental procedures in the terms of our Integrated Management System, which is consistent with the

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Standards.

Our continual objectives for Quality and Environment are the following:

  • The provision of high quality services tailor made for each client.
  • The compliance to the legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • The business expansion and the increase of our clients’ database.
  • The immediate and effective response to our clients’ requests.
  • The increase of the customer satisfaction level.
  • The reduction of complaints and non conforming services.
  • The continual improvement of technical resources.
  • The continual training and development of our personnel.
  • The cooperation with service providers, suppliers and agents who are capable to meet and exceed the standards set by our clients, regulations, industry best practices and other involved parties.
  • The protection of the environment, the limitation of the negative environmental impact of our activities and the enhancement of environmental best practices.
  • The most effective possible handling of waste.
  • The rational use of resources.
  • The sensitization and awareness of our clients, partners, suppliers and service providers and all other involved parties in the environmental protection.
  • The continual improvement of our processes, practices and quality and environmental performance.

The company’s management is committed that all personnel will always adhere to the Integrated Management System’s procedures and principles at their day to day activity and will utilize the most appropriate equipment for the purpose.

Our Quality & Environmental Policy and data about the implementation of our Integrated Management System may be provided to interested parties upon their formal request.